Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Welcome New Followers

This post is a great big WELCOME to all of my new followers.  Blogmania was a huge success.  Unfortunately, I can't welcome each of you individually.  I hope you will continue to read my blog.  I have been a little lax in my posting in the recent month.  I work full-time and this is the busy time of the year for my line of work.

Here's hoping I will still be able to find time to find treasures to add to my stash and blog about them.  In the meantime, I enjoy reading about all of the great deals and treasures ya'll are finding.  Keep it up.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Blogmania Winners

WOW!  I had 441 comments posted for my Blogmania give-away.

My winner list is ready to be announced.  All winners have 48 hours to contact me.  If I don't hear from you within that time frame, I will have to draw another winner.  And the winners are:

Apron 1- Benita
Apron 2- Jann S.
Apron 3- Out Little Gang
Apron 4- Katie M.

Congratulations to all of this winners.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Blogmania Is Closed

Whew!!  It has been a crazy 2 days.  Lots & lots of blogging activity.  I want to thank everyone who left comments.  And a great big WELCOME to all of my new blog followers.

I hope to have the winner's list up soon.  Good luck to everyone who participated.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blogmania Give-Away

Greetings fellow bloggers!!  Are your typing fingers tired yet???   Aren't give-aways fun!!

As you know, this Blogmania event only last for 48 hours starting at 12:01am EST.  So get busy if you want to visit all of the blogs that are participating in this event.  There are 168 blogs to visit.

I am giving away 4 different aprons.  Each apron has a retail value of $25.00.  Four different visitors will have a chance to win an apron. 

All of the aprons are classic vintage design just like Grandma wore.  The A-line shape compliments any loveable, huggable fugure.  Each apron ties around the neck and also at the back of the waist for a perfect fit.  There are 2 front pockets that open at the top, perfect for a spoon, a tissue, or even a cell phone.  100% cotton and machine washable.  One size fits most.  31" tall X 25" wide at the waist.

Here are the pictures of my prizes:
Apron 1 features a cream colored fabric with tiny red, blue, yellow, and green flowers.  The trim is cream as well.

Apron 2 is cream colored with bunches of red, pink, and yellow flowers with green leaves and also little blue single flowers.
Apron 3 is cream colored with a light red checkered pattern.  Light blue flowers are peppered all over the tiny checks.

Apron 4 is dusty mauve covered in large cream colored flowers with blue centers.
To be the proud owner of one of the beautiful aprons by Moda, simply leave a comment stating which apron you would like to have.  Leave an email address and country you live in.  I would love to have you as a follower, but that isn't necessary to be a winner.
If you are a winner, you will be notified and your apron will be shipped on Monday, September 20.

After visiting my blog, you  may want to visit Colorcrazed for a fabulous give-away.
The master list of all the Blogmania give-aways is located here.

If you don't see my comment box, please click on the post title and the comment box will magically appear.

Freebies on Blogmania

I am so sorry that I haven't blogged in several weeks.  It has really been busy around here.  As usual, work is interfering in my blogging and thrifting!!

I have made a few garage sales and snagged a few bargains, but didn't get a chance to take pictures.  I hope I can post about some of the items later.

The main reason for this post is to alert all of you about a wonderful blogging event that starts at 12:01 am EST tonight.  Blognmania will last for only 48 hours.  There are 168 bloggers that are giving away prizes.  Don't miss out on this wonderful event.  I am participating and am giving away 4 aprons.  The aprons were not handcrafted by me, but are Moda aprons.  Each have a value of $25.00.  There will be 4 lucky winners.

Please check tomorrow's blog for pictures and the master list of all the Blogmania participants.
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