Friday, August 13, 2010

Garage Sale Bliss-Part 1

OK gals, I'm gonna have to do this in 2 parts because I found another good garage sale after work.  I am a horrible photographer, so bear with me.  Also, I don't set up cute, creative shots.  Well here goes-----
This is just a quick grouping of some of the things from the great garage sale.  The 3-shelf stand came from the sale.  It is in perfect condition and was only $5.00.  The color is forest green.  Love it!

The vintage tree shoes were $1.00.  The milk glass vase and planter were $0.25 each.  The planter is marked Fenton, but I can't quite make out what the vase says.  I think it is marked Goody. The cut glass vase and the little green glass pitcher or vase were $0.25 each.  Are you lovin' it?

The next shelf has a vintage nut grinder.  I haven't seen this style before and was only $0.25.  The cut glass divided trays were $0.50 each.  On the next shelf is a cast iron rooster napkin holder for $0.25.  The vintage lamp is marked rorirame(I think)and has a floral bouquet and japan under that.  I'm gonna have to research that one.  Does anyone out there have any ideas?  The lamp doesn't have a shade and the cord is original and frayed and will have to be replaced.  The next item is a vintage glass 3# Peter Pan peanut butter jar filled with old buttons and was only $1.00.

The next grouping shows a Nasco stainless steel gravy boat in it's original box and never used.  It was just $1.00.  An egg slicer for a nickel was a great bargain.  The silver plated salad tongs are still in their original wrappings inside the box-never used and only $0.50.  This picture shows the nut grinder and the divided glass trays a little better.  Want to see some more goodies--here goes!!

This isn't a very clear picture, but I'll do some close-ups for you.

This hat box had 3 vintage hats in it.  The pink one looks almost like needle-point is has an Oleg Cassini label in it.  The black on on the right is made of curly lamb and has a Howard Smith Furs label.  The hats were $1.00 each and the hat box was free.

These 2 hats were also $1.00 each.  The one on the left looks almost like a top hat.  The hat box was free.

This hat looks like an equestrian hat.  It was also $1.00 and the hat box was free.  I really didn't need more vintage hats.  I already own over 30 of them.  But only $1.00 each--what's a girl to do!!

Now we will start on the linens.  Wait a minute--I forgot the cute vintage pearl purse in the picture.  It was on $0.50..I also have a very large vintage purse collection.  The stack of linens in the picture are all cut-work or eyelet table runners except for the little round cut-work doily on top.  The table runners were only $0.50 each and I think there are 6 of them.  The little doily was only $0.25.

The tablecloth in the middle is linen and is huge and oblong.  All 4 corners feature cut-work.  It came with 8 napkins and the whole set was only $3.00.  On to the next picture.

This cute vintage tablecloth is in almost perfect condition and was only $0.25.  In fact, the lady having the garage sale had it covering her check-out table.  We had to unload the whole table so I could have it.  Nice lady!

And last but not least is another tablecloth in perfect condition for only $0.25.  The color is actually a lighter gold, almost yellow.
What I didn't show you were 3 sets of twin sheets for $0.50 each.
Whew-- my fingers are tired typing.  And you are probably tired reading.  Get up, stretch you legs, and get something to drink.  I will be posting part 2 in a few minutes

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  1. Love the milk glass, the little black rooster and especially the linens! My mom has had one of those Nasco stainless steel gravy boats for years. Great hats!

  2. Debbie,
    You are killing me with your fantastic finds!!!

    Those hats are to die for as are the linens!!
    You are REALLY on a roll!!

    Congrats on such great finds!!


  3. Wow, you did hit a good sale. I love vintage hats. Looking forward to Part II. La

  4. Oh my goodness you had a good day. My kind of stuff too. I think this is the biggest haul I've read about today. Can't wait to see the rest of it.

  5. I am positively green with jealousy!! I love everything! I will arm wrestle you for the Fenton planter..... :D

  6. Awesome buys! I especially like the milk glass.

  7. Wonderful finds. I especially love the printed vintage tablecloth. Can't wait to see the rest of your treasures. :)

  8. I would klove to see how you have your treasures displayed. Have you done a post? You have some great finds that would convince me to START a new collection.

    I am off to read the next installment.

  9. Love the tablecloth! It looks like it may be a Tammis Keefe? Is it signed?

  10. Love the vintage hats and linens. How much fun is that? Over here from Coastal Charm, BTW!


Thanks so much for your kind comments.

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