Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Mother Colors My Life

This will be my weeklly contribution to the Colorcraze My Sunday blog.  Lynda requests that we showcase something  or someone that colors our life.  I am continuing in the family mode.  This week I am featuring my Mother. 
My Mother is a wonderful lady.  She turned 90 years old this past June.  She lives by herself and still drives herself evrywhere, except at night.  She is a breast cancer survivor.  This little lady probably doesn't weigh 90lbs, but she can keep up with anyone almost half her age.  She is out and about 5 days a week in her ministry work helping people understand the Bible.  I truly believe that her being so active is what keeps her so healthy.  I keep telling her that she is going to out-live all of us!
This picture was taken a couple of years ago at a family get-together celebrating my brother's graduation from college.  My brother went back to college in his 50's, graduated, and is now a colleger professor, but that is another story for another blog.
Now this is the picture that is going to get me in trouble if my Mother ever finds out I posted it.  Let this one be our little secret.  This picture show to me what a little spit-fire my Mother is.  You just never know what she is gonna do or say.  She was hamming it up for the camera at a baby shower for my son and daughter-in-law.  I treasure this picture above all others because it shows her fun side.
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  1. Such a lovely post, Debbie. Your mother is amazing. La

  2. I love this so much. And since I know this little lady personally, I can verify Debbie's loving portrayal of her mother. Mother's are wonderful and we don't want to take them for granted but, rather, cherish the color they add to our lives.

  3. Debbie, the thrifty groove box is right over the comment box (Just thought you would like to know, so is "new friends Friday") Oh what wonderful genes you have! Your mother is busy everyday, that is so amazing! You have got to blog about your brother going back to school in his 50"s. My son is 30 and has an associates and just started back to get his bachelors, he thought OMG I am so old. I would love for him to see the story of someone who went back at 50!

    I can understand about your antiques booth, location and competition are Key, We are about the only store left in town and have a great location. You can have the best products in the world, but they won't well if no one sees them!

    Have a great week!


  4. What a fun and wonderful post! Your mom sounds like one fun and colorful lady!


Thanks so much for your kind comments.

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