Friday, August 13, 2010

Garage Sale Bliss-Part 2

Ok-here are the pictures of the garage sale I went to on the way home from work.  It was way out in the boonies.  I thought I was never going to get there.  Thank goodness for my GPS.  Actually this sale started yesterday, but I just couldn't make it.  Work can sure interfere with my thrifting.(LOL)  And I really, really, really wanted to go to this sale on the first day.  The ad said they had lots of fabric and sewing notions.  I'm a sewer and you can never have too much fabric and notions.  Anyway, I still found enough to buy and at half off.  WAHOO!  She only had a few sewing patterns in a box and when I asked about vintage patterns she told me that there were boxes full the first day.  I almost cried.  See, I told you work was interfering with my garage sales.  Anyway, here are some pictures of what I was able to find.

Here is an overall view of what I bought.  The roll of paper on the left is tissue paper--great for tracing patterns and was only $0.50.  The top shelf has an apron pattern and a new package of tracing paper for $0.12 each.  Also on the shelf are a bunch of new sewing notions.  Some were $0.50 and some were $0.12.  On the right of the stand is a large new quilting ruler for $0.50.  On the bottom shelf and on the floor is fabric.  Each piece was only $0.50.  There is over a yard of the cute ladybugs and I think that will be an apron.  The piece of unbleached muslin had almost 6 yards in it.  The piece on the floor has cartoon people exercising, but it is cut weird, but I still think an apron can be made from it.
I'm not even sure what the name of some of these wooden notions are.  The wooden piece in the front is a June Tailor Point Presser and Clapper.  It was only $1.25 and is new.  The piece on the top is a larger version.  It is new, but not marked June Tailor.  It was also $1.25.  I believe the other piece is called a sleeve board.  I have been wanting one for a long time.  It is also new and was $1.50.  It was definitely worth the drive.
I did make a couple of other garage sales before I went to work.  They weren't as exciting, but you may be interested anyway.  Here is what I bought.

This is just the over all view.  All displayed on my wonderful 3 shelf stand.

Draped over the top and not showing up very well are 2 pieces of co-ordinating Moda fabric.  They each have 2 yards in them and were $2.00 each.  Aprons for sure.  The flash cards are for my grandson.  He just turned 2 years old, so they may be put away for a few months. The flash cards were $0.25 each.  Also on the shelf and not showing up very well is a vintage, silver-plated tape dispenser.  It was $0.75.  The next shelf holds a wooden puzzle featuring cars.  It was $0.50

I don't even know what to call the colorful thingie on the floor.  All I know is that kids love to play with them.  It seems that every pediatrician's office has a similar one.  I paid $2.00 for this one.  The little red shelf looks to be hand made.  I think it is a letter holder.  It is going to look great in my red kitchen and was only $0.50.

OK ladies, I think that is it!!  Did I have a good Friday or what???  I hope you read part 1 of this post.  Now I am going to read the garage sale ads for tomorrow and see if there is anything promising.  My son called just a few minutes ago and asked if his family could go with me.  I'm gonna make good garage salers out of them yet.  After today, tomorrow just has to be a let-down.  I can't imagine 2 good garage sale days in a row.  I not sure my wallet is ready for another good day.

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  1. My goodness Debbie! You sure did have a good haul today! Love all the children's items. The ladybug cloth is cute. I cannot wait to see the aprons you make!

    Have fun garage saling tomorrow!

    ~ Tracy

  2. I'm having a blast just following your posts. I miss going to sales with you. Maybe someday we can do a day together. If course, we'd have to promise to play nice and not fight over the same items. :) Wishing you a great Saturday.

  3. Hey, Debbie!!

    Another wonderful haul of great things!! You go girl!!


  4. You certainly are on a roll. Don't you hate it when work gets in the way??? La

  5. If only you didn't have to work to make the money to go out and score big at thrifting sales. I think you still did fine.

    2 y/o is not to soon to start working with flashcards. These days if your child can not read before Kindergarten (even preschool) he is behind. And at age 2 and 3 it is still fun for them.

  6. Shame you missed out on the vintage patterns (dratted work) but what great haul you got anyway. My two fav things to find: sewing stuff and kids toys. Your Grandson is gorgeous by the way- what a smile.

  7. You find the best kids stuff! That ladybug fabric is super cute.


Thanks so much for your kind comments.

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